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I have a problem! I can’t shut my mind off. Seriously, I go to bed totally exhausted. The minute my head hits the pillow; I can hear the wheels turning. “What did that co-worker say? How am I possibly going to get everything done? How are we going to pay for college? Is that girl from gym class, who I hardly know, mad at me? Is that my dog or my husband snoring? Okay, that didn’t sound like a snore – is a criminal in the house. Do I wake my husband up? He would want to know … wouldn’t he? What if he doesn’t?!” Anyway, you get the picture!

As Gallups StrengthsFinder says, I’m Ideation, Strategy and Input. Meaning I can’t stop thinking. If some women have trouble thinking too much, consider a woman with triple the thinking strength, and you have me.

I have worked since I graduated college and raised three children and one husband (two of which are still in college). I have lived through several loved one’s passing, pets, and diets. Right in the prime of my life just when I was getting good at juggling it all — work, life and family … college happened: First to my kids, and then to me. Everything changed!

I was left wondering … wondering what happened? Where did the time go? How am I supposed to move on now that there are no pieces to pick up? Who is this man I share my house and my life with? I find myself in the stage of life wondering what to do next now that the children are gone. As a thinker, I decided to go to school. Of course, the thinking part of me wishes I would have thought about it sooner or sometimes not at all.

Kids make you crazy and then they suddenly grow up, move out, and make you crazier. Owning a pug, having an understanding husband, and laughing with friends – make it better. Join me as try I wonder and wander through life thinking. I’ll attempt to capture Erma Bombeck’s spirit (a really funny lady who died of a not-so-funny disease) and open up the world of my thoughts.

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