Pieces of My Heart: Click on the picture, be patient and enjoy!

Pieces of My Heart

22 thoughts on “Pieces of My Heart: Click on the picture, be patient and enjoy!”

  1. I think anyone who did not get at least a little teary at this probably lacks a soul. This was very touching and well organized. The music accompanying the piece is perfect; a lot of talent there. Your Seuss poem was great, got a good laugh from this. Excellent post.

  2. I also sobbed during Toy Story 3. The first one came out when Nick was just a little pipsqueak and he wore Buzz Lightyear wings around the house. Then TS3 came out when he was a senior and I completely lost it. Kids have been growing up and moving out of my house for 20 years already. They were all hard.
    It’s funny you should use “a piece of my heart”. Just Sunday I used that very phrase as we drove away from my daughter’s house in Denver, our two grandkids standing in the doorway, waving goodbye. My friend, the pieces of your heart will multiply and you’ll grow little seedlings all over the country. The circle of life.

    1. I’m excited for that stage, however, I’m sure it will be awhile — but I’m also sure leaving grandkids will be just as hard. How blessed are we to have our heart so broken up into many pieces? Hang in there, momma and grandma!n <3

  3. Love this post! It is so heartfelt and engaging. I enjoyed being able to read about each of your kids and your experience as a parent! The mix of photos and videos was very cool as well!

    1. Thank you so much, Laura! I appreciate it, and really have enjoyed getting to know you in class. I may have to use your infographic piece throughout my design class. 🙂

  4. Michelle, I am sitting at work bawling. I should have known better than to view this piece at work when it was called “Pieced of My Heart”. My kids have now graduated from college and are off succeeding in life – sometimes I curse myself for making them strong and independent! I also cried during Toy Story 3, and I read the “I’ll Love You Forever” book to my kids many, many times. You capture the heartbreak of successful parenting perfectly. Such a good piece – thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much! I’m so sorry to make you cry. I totally get that, though. I get what you’re saying about cursing yourself for raising such strong and independent kids. I praise and curse myself at the same time. Hang in there, momma. Someday we’ll have grandkids and it will all be worth it. Right? Thanks for commiserating with me.

  5. Ugh. I read this on my lunch break and now my mascara is a mess. I should have known better. I absolutely love this! I get it. The things I’m most anxious about regarding empty nesting, you’ve captured here. And, that book! “I’ll love you forever…” Gets me every time. I actually bought our copy while walking the mall in labor with my first son (although I didn’t know I’d be having a son at that time).
    Anyway, your kids are adorable and it seems you’ve done (are doing) your job well. Bravo, Mom!

    1. Thank you! I can’t tell you how many times I cried while putting this together. It all goes so fast. They tell you that, but you don’t realize it until it’s too late. That book is definitely a hard one! Also, I bet you read, “I’ll love you to the moon … and back.” Another tearjerker. LOL! And, I have never been that much of a bawler. Something about kids and saying I love you does that to a person.

  6. You have a lovely family, and a multimodal essay is the perfect way to share your pictures, text, audio, and video. I’ve used Adobe Spark before (it’s free!), but you make me want to go back and play with it some more. I love that you used your daughter’s musical piece as part of the essay, and well.

    1. Thanks so much! Adobe Spark and I have a love/hate relationship. LOL! It allows you to do some amazing things. They sure get you on the subscription sites … don’t they? Thanks! My daughters both are pretty amazing. I don’t know where they get their gifts.

  7. I loved this post! Only one of our children has graduated (and will be back for the summer!), but I know how fast this next four years is going to fly until we are empty nesters. I, too, have cried my way through Toy Story 3 and I’ll Love You Forever. This brought up sweet memories today. 🙂

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